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Sunday, May 31, 2009 // 2:00 PM
aaaaa ate frozen yogurt three days in a row
JCool.Heavenly Blush.Sour Sally :)
then i woke up this morning with a stomach ache hahaha

Kezia.Ryan.Moi :)

Heavenly Blush!

gonna head over to PIM tonight to get another round of Heavenly yoghurt :) then gonna go accompany my lovely abang buy his prom tux and accessories at Zara or Banana Republic perhaps.

have a lovely Sunday everybody <3

Reminiscence of the Days
// 1:51 PM
28 of May 2009

we had it all figured out ~

i love you, kuda nil <3

bye xin ja po ha :D
Wednesday, May 27, 2009 // 1:28 PM
today is the 27th
meaning that i get to go homeeeeeeeee
i handed in my GP oredy to students service
and i still got presentation to worry about
but thats not until next month , so screw it ! haha

ahahay tonight im gonna go back Jakarta wif my mom
so damn happy :)
get to see my little sister , my dad , my grannie
my high-school buddies and old frens
aaah reminiscing the good ole days
whats more important? i get to eat good food !
martabak, kwetiauw goreng, soto ayam, rendang, macaroni panggang ala Oma :))
aaw dammit jadi ngilerrr
still have a couple hours to kill before my flight (8pm)
gonna go finish packing , clean livi's room , and hop in the shower
Jakartaaa , here i come!

he's 19 today
Monday, May 25, 2009 // 1:06 AM
happy birthday, Andreas Adhityo
have a great year ahead :)

How I Met Your Mother
Sunday, May 24, 2009 // 10:39 PM
soo addicted to this TV show right now haha
emang sih agak sedikit telat gue ngikutinnya
udah sampe 4 season eh baru mulai nontonin
since everybody tells me its hilarious
and its true , soo hilarious !
now im already up to the 2nd season
the show's so funny and stupid at the same time lol
try and watchhh, Barney's my favo character teehehe
but still, 'Friends' is still the best sitcom ever :)

afternoon thoughts
// 3:03 PM
i woke up today (at friggin 2.30pm -_-") and had a thought in my head
i need to let go of the past
put it behind my head and start fresh
forgive and forget is what they usually say
im the kind of person who forgives quite quickly, but never really forgets
i need to forget whatever the fvcked have happened in the past
whatever happens next will happen
and im gonna let it happen as it is
if it dissapoints me again? well, whatever. shit happens :)

// 6:43 AM

When you have insomnia,

you're never really asleep,

and you're never really awake.

(Fight Club movie), based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk

&The Girl
Alexandra Ancilla
18 years of age
Indonesian, lives in Singapore tho
Studies in MDIS majoring in MassComm
Loves shopping, greentea, and staying up late for no reason
Hates studying, insects, and assholes

Enjoy! :)

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